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Star Trek Tote

DSC00287  DSC00286  DSC00288  DSC00289

I made this tote for my sister, Teresa, for her birthday in June.  She was born on the day that they showed the last episode for the original “Star Trek” series.

I used the same pattern that I used for Pam’s tote – “Candice” from Lazy Girl Designs.  It went together a little easier this time.  I had to center the print for the front and the back and make sure that the design was right side up.  Teresa picked the fabric and has seen pictures.  She likes it very much.

I did a good job on this, but I do not plan to go into the bag making business as it did take some time. Like I said before, I have 2 speeds – slow and stop.


Tote Bag for Pam


Lazy Girl Designs (LBD130) Candice pattern.   One of my LQS went out of business and I got this pattern for 50% off.  It definitely looked easier than a little purse that I had made for a woman at work.  The pattern is a booklet with lots of pictures.  All the pieces are rotary cut.  I took it step by step and it was very doable.  The prep work took the longest. I really don’t like fusing interfacing, but once that was done, it was okay.  There was a little bit of bulk with the zipper.  Most of the fabric was from my stash.  Pam did buy one of the lining fabrics.  The purple in the first picture is more accurate than the second.  (My photography leaves much to be desired.) I will be making this tote again for someone else with some seriously different fabric. This tote probably took 2 weeks of slow stitching on my days off.