WIP – Update


I finished knitting the black, maroon, & white afghan for a nephew on Thursday night.  Today, I started the slow process of weaving in all the ends while listening to 3 episodes of “Craftypod”.  It is an old show & some of the episodes won’t load, but I have enjoyed listening to it while knitting.  I may do a single crochet edging in black on the sides.  I’ll just have to see after I finish weaving in the ends.

Last week, I started on a baby quilt for a niece who is expecting a boy in December.  The top is done with the exception of the second border.  I am heading upstairs to work on that now.  I am using “Baby Makes 3″ pattern.  You are supposed to use 3 fabrics.  I picked 3 colors (blue, green, and white) and cut pieces from my stash.  I found green 2 1/2” strips already cut  and used them for the first border.  The back will also be pieced.  I think that the batting will be pieced, too.  How’s that for working from my stash?  Anything produced wholly from my stash makes my husband happy, too.  I told him that if I die before he does, my sister gets first dibs on anything in my craft room.  That includes the 4 (!) sewing machines and 2 quilt frames.


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